Wacky Insoles, are they legal?

There are currently no rules against insoles by any major sports governing body, association, federation, organization or league that stipulates using insoles that help you perform to your potential is illegal.
If you have any question please check with your sport’s governing body.
So with that said, Wacky Insoles are legal to use while competing.
It is the only product on the market that allow you to perform to your potential. Perform as nature intended.
Wacky Insoles design is based on Tactile Proprioceptive Stimulation technology.
Wacky Insole also reduce the surface area which increase pressure that you apply to the ground. Pressure is what you want.
Wacky Insoles also provide faster feedback times over normal insoles and shoes alone.
Wacky insoles allow the feet to perform as nature intended. Micro Movements

Wacky Insoles

wacky insole

what is in a wacky insole

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